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The Perfect Base For A Greenhouse

Building A Base for Your Greenhouse Is as Easy as One, Two Three!

Maybe not the time of year you would think of building a greenhouse, however, many plants benefit from protection in the winter so erecting a greenhouse now is a good idea. When spring comes you are ready to plant your seeds ready for summer blooms.

When you realise that a greenhouse will make a huge difference in what you grow and how you grow it, the first thing you need to consider is what sort of greenhouse you want. This article gives some good advice and pointers to buying a greenhouse.

Greenhouses are available in all shapes and sizes, and take forms that vary from the conservatory to an enclosed glass porch around the front door. All are very useful for the hobby gardener and can accommodate a surprisingly large number of plants of all kinds.

Main Types of Greenhouse

Modern greenhouses basically come in four forms;

The Lean-To, in which one wall is formed by the home or other substantial building;

Lean To Greenhouse

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The Span Roof Type, which is built on a dwarf wall and has a pitched roof;

Pitched room Greenhouse Image 2

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The Dutch Light Kind, formerly constructed of Dutch lights but in the modern form a glass-to-ground greenhouse,

Dutch Style Greenhouse

And The Hexagonal Type that is, broadly speaking, dome-shaped but with angular sides.

Hexagonal Greenhouse

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All have their adherents, but it is generally conceded that the span roof type of greenhouse proves to be the most versatile when a wide range of plants are to be grown.

Wood or Aluminium Greenhouse?

Wood & Metal Greenhouse Image 5

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Aliminium Greenhouse Image 6

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Cedar and teak that are kept well-oiled are obviously ideal, but very expensive, while ordinary softwood painted white looks good but has a very limited life. Aluminium would seem to be the best answer as it does not rust, but with some greenhouses the bolts and screws holding the structure together are made from steel and are liable to corrode. So inspect any intended purchase of this kind very carefully, and select an all-aluminium model.

Greenhouse placing and Staging

Ideally staging should be provided at waist height down either side of the greenhouse and a shelf near the ridge is very useful if this can be kept above head height. Ventilation must be adequate and most gardeners agree that both side and ridge ventilators are essential for proper airing during the summer months. A good wide door is necessary for easy management. It should be wide enough to take a wheelbarrow without skinning your fingers and with no troublesome step or ramp.

The foundations for whichever kind of greenhouse you choose are vital for you to get the most time and enjoyment out of it. The Shed Base Company’s plastic base filled with gravel, is ideal for your greenhouse. It allows any water spilt inside to seep back down to the water table, its sturdy and solid.

Plants can be planted directly into the base if needed. It provides you with a cost-effective, easy to fit, ideal base for any greenhouse you choose. Bases can be bought to fit any size greenhouse.

A detailed article on why you should use a plastic shed base or download the Shed Base Installation Guide.  Our Guide on how to Build a Plastic Shed base explains how easy they are to assemble in more detail.

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