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6ft x 6ft Blue Whale Spa Base Installed Under Angel Cove Hot Tub

This case study comes from Steve, who after ordering himself and his family an Angel Cove Hot Tub from Blue Whale Spa, began looking for a suitable foundation that would support his spa and help prolong its life. Read on to see which blue whale spa base Steve decided to use under his spa.


With his Hot Tub purchased and the delivery date decided, Steve had a set time in which to buy and install his base. This lead to Steve deciding against using a concrete base as it would be more expensive, labour intensive and there is a chance it would not cure in time. He also did not want to use a wooden base as it would be under a decking system and its chances of rotting would be much higher.

Steve began researching online for an alternative solution and soon came across our website and our fully recycled plastic bases. He read up on its many benefits, such as:

6ft x 6ft Hot Tub Base Install - Base Laid
  • Being able to hold up to 420 tonnes per sqm,
  • Easy to install,
  • Permeable,
  • UV, Weather and erosion resistant
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic

Steve was so impressed that he ordered a 6ft x 6ft Hot Tub Base (36 Panels) the same day which was delivered to him via DPD just a few working days later.


Steve received his base and began his installation straight away. By looking at the photos in this blog you can see the process Steve went through to create his base.

He began by preparing the ground, ensuring that the below surface was solid and level would give the hot tub base secure and permeable sub-base to allow it to perform to its highest potential. On top of the sub-base, Steve laid a sheet of membrane and held it in place until the base was installed using bricks. Membrane is used to allow water to drain away naturally and act as a shield against weeds and plants.

Steve then began to lay his base. He started in one corner and laid one panel at a time. Connecting each panel together using the simple slot and peg system, he continued this until the full area was filled. The process of laying the base takes no time at all.

With the base installed, Steve began to fill the area with gravel. We recommend that 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel so you can estimate how much gravel you will need to complete your area. Once filled all that was left to do was for Blue Whale to deliver his spa.

Finally, once his spa was in place, Steve began to build a decorative decking system around his new hot tub. Using different decking colours, Steve created a beautiful relaxation area for his family to enjoy


Steve is very pleased with his hot tub base and Blue Whale Spa. We agree that his new spa looks amazing in his decking system and we’re sure he and his family will have years of fun in the spa!

Steve told us: “We choose the base after concerns about the existing ground suitability, your base added much needed peace of mind.”

A big thank you to Steve for sending the photos to allow us to create this case study. If you have any questions regarding our bases or have any images of your installation then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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