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5 Of Our Favourite Hot Tubs & Swim Spas – Part 1

Choosing a Hot Tub can be almost as difficult as buying a car. Which manufacturer should I choose? Which model is best? How powerful does it need to be? Will it last? Does it have enough seats? We have decided to create a series of blogs featuring our top spas that you should consider purchasing yourself. All of the spas we feature are compatible with our fully recycled plastic hot tub base panels.This is our first of many “Top Hot Tubs & Swim Spas” blog to help you choose the right spa for you! Keep your eyes peeled for our next Top 5 Blog coming soon. Read on to see which hot tubs and swim spas we have included in our first list! To find out more about any of the following spas click on the photos to take you straight to the product listing.

1. J-LXL Hot Tub from Jacuzzi

First up is the J-LXL Hot Tub. This 5-6 person spa comes with 36 of Jacuzzi’s very own Power Pro Jets that are all adjustable to your liking. As will all Jacuzzi spas, the J-LXL comes with filtering system with Pro Clear technology fitted and the Clear Ray device for constantly clean and sanitised water. The heat insulation of this hot tub is the most efficient of its category thanks to 4cm thick protective coating and Trifusion structure.As well as its fantastic performance, the J-LXL also comes with an Advanced Control Panel that is easy to use and can change the heat, jet power and mood lighting. There is also a built in Stereo system that can be controlled via remote or your phone to optimise your spa experience. There are optional extras such as sub-woofers and premium speakers that can be added. Finally, specially designed comfy headrests are installed on each J-XL Hot Tub to ensure relaxation.

Jacuzzi J-LXL

2. Baffin 45 Hot Tub from Arctic Spas

Next is the 6 seater hot tub Baffin 45 from Arctic Spas. With 45 built in jets, this hot tub has more therapeutic jets in its upgraded version particularly on the lounge chair which receives lower leg jets to relieve the stress from all parts of the body. Additional jetting is also added to the back area of all seating positions taking an already well equipped hot tub to a new level of relaxation.

The Baffin has a specially designed FreeHeat Insulation Heatlock to ensure that heat generated by the spa does not escape thanks to countless hours of research from their engineers and designers. This Arctic Spa also has a 1 Micron Silver Sentinel Filter system to ensure the spa water is kept safe and clean with as little work from the owner as possible. The digital hot tub controls are extremely dependable, offer good serviceability and are very easy to use. The standard control system on the Baffin 45 is a Gecko brand spa pack which is available to upgrade for use from your mobile phone.

3. Crescent Bay Deluxe ii Hot Tub from Blue Whale Spa

Third in our list is the Blue Whale Spa’s Crescent Bay Deluxe ii which at the time of writing is on sale as a valentines day special with £300 off the original price. The six seater (5 seats and one lounger) comes with 96 hydro massage jets, 1 waterfall, 5 fountains, headrest pillows, 27 LED lights, bluetooth speakers and even a champagne holder! The Deluxe ii is double insulated to ensure that the heat generated by the spa does not escape and keeps the water and people inside warm.

Operating the hot tub is a market leading Balboa Control Spa System which is a clear & easy to read LCD screen which is even easier to use with great built in safety features. The Crescent Bay Deluxe also comes with Free UK Mainland Delivery and Installation, a Luxury Insulated Cover and Matching Steps which if you were charged for would cost over £1,000!


4. Hydropool 17fx Swim Spa from Hydropool Spas

Next up and the only Swim Spa featured in this list is the Hydropool AquaPlay / AquaSport 17fx Swim Spa. The entire spa is built with the user in mind, all steps and benches are positioned carefully so when swimming there will be no clashes with feet or arms. The spa also comes with a self-clean mode as well as filtration systems that you can adjust as you feel necessary. The Aqua Play/Sport offers you the benefits of a full size pool with less cost, less space and less maintenance which is great for anyone looking at a pool with a smaller budget or a smaller installation area.

The intensity of your work out is controlled by your movements and the current of the Swim Spa. You can adjust the currents from a gentle crawl to a 100 meter race pace which can challenge even the best of swimmers. Another feature is the use of Hydrotherapy massage seats to help you relax after a workout or for helping you recover from an injury.


5. Hotsprings Hotspot Propel Hot Tub from Happy Hot Tubs

Last but by no means least is the Happy Hot Tubs Propel 5 person hot tub. With 3 seats and 2 loungers with 23 powerful jets in specifically targeted areas of the body, the propel offers comfort that not many spas can match. The Propel 5 features an innovative and specially designed FiberCor insulation, which completely fills the spa cabinet to provide a 4 times denser insulation than the standard 32 kg/m³ foam in older hot tubs. Meaning it is almost impossible for the spa to lose heat through its body and is always ready for you and your family to use.

With included waterfall, wavemaster pump and optional wireless speakers with a choice of 3 casings and 5 inner shells, the Propel offers comfort and style for all users and will look great in almost any garden!


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