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An 8ft x 6ft Plastic Base Under A Greenhouse Stores’ Greenhouse

Our next case study comes from Rosie who had recently ordered an 8ft x 6ft Halls Popular Greenhouse. After placing her order it was recommended that she should use a plastic base.

Researching a Base

Following this, Rosie began researching online for a plastic base for her greenhouse. She found our website and our range of fully recycled Plastic Bases. After reading about its range of superior benefits such as its strength, versatility, weather resistance, and lightweight construction.

The benefits of our product had persuaded Rosie to use our Plastic Base. She placed an order for an 8ft x 6ft plastic base & a 1m x 12m base membrane and it arrived at her home a few days later.



Rosie received her base and began installation as soon as possible. Her new greenhouse was going to be erected next to her garden shed where the area was currently a weedy soil area.

She measured out the size of her base and marked this out. As the area was currently soil, Rosie needed to prepare the ground before she could install the base.

To start, she removed all weeds to leave a clean soil area. She then laid a layer of hardcore and compacted it down well to ensure the area was leveled accurately. 

Next, Rosie rolled and laid her sheet of membrane to completely cover the required area. The membrane is used to stop weeds and plants growing up through the base, whilst allowing water and nutrients to drain away naturally. 

After this, Rosie could install the 8ft x 6ft Plastic Base onto the area. She started in one corner and laid them one panel at a time. She connected neighboring pieces together using the specially designed slot and peg system. This process was repeated until her base had been installed across the required area.

Next, Rosie filled the base and surrounding area with angular gravel. We estimate that around 8kgof gravel is needed to fill each panel so you can roughly work out how much is required.

Finally, her base installation was complete and all that was left to do was to erect her greenhouse when it arrives and erecting it onto her newly installed Plastic Base.


A superb installation that looks great and will be a useful part of Rosie’s garden. Rosie is very pleased with the final result and has started using the space to get her fingers green!

A big thank you to Rosie for sharing the photos and details of her installation. If you have any photos of your project to share with us then please do not hesitate to contact us.

4 Replies to “An 8ft x 6ft Plastic Base Under A Greenhouse Stores’ Greenhouse

  1. Hi – I would like to install a base for a greenhouse onto my lawn and wondering if I need to pull the grass up first or whether I can proceed to putting down hardcore or even if I really need harcore.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thank you for your question. As strength of soil and ground differs from one garden to the next, it’s impossible for us to give exact advice based on your installation. However, we would normally recommend that the grass is taken back and a layer of hardcore to be laid, the same process as laying any other type of hardstanding base. Around 3″ depth of hardcore should be sufficient for a free-draining soil which is relatively firm. This advice is typical for a shed, however as you’re installing the grid as a base for a greenhouse which typically weigh much less than a shed, this could be reduced and may not be entirely necessary. If you do have very firm ground, you could try placing the grids on top of a membrane, on closely mown grass. If you do decide to place the grids on top of the ground in this way, I would recommend regular checking to ensure the base is not sinking or becoming uneven.

  2. Hello , I’m considering purchasing one of your pastiche greenhouse bases but was wondering how you would secure the greenhouse itself to the base ? Regards Nick

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your question. It would depend on the Greenhouse you have purchased, can you give us a call on 01246 589021 to discuss this with a member of our customer service team.

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