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6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base – Customer Review

The closer and closer it gets to summer the awful thought of “how will we keep the kids occupied?” crosses your mind. Around and around it goes in your head, you may well be taking them on holiday for 2 weeks, got them an Xbox but there will still be the complaint; “I’m Bored!”. This is what our customer in this blog has already planned against, buying a playhouse for his children to play in once the British summer arrives. However he also wants the playhouse to last for as long as possible, so the right foundations had to be in place. Read on to see the fantastic plastic base he chose to ensure the playhouse does last for years.

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The Project

With the summer fast approaching, our customer Wil wanted to have his garden in tip-top condition for a few months of fun with his kids, one part of his master plan was to have a Playhouse ready for the first rays of summer sunshine. Whilst wanting it up quickly he also wanted it to last for a good few years and with the British winter, standing surface water and rotting is a real issue. This is when Wil found our website and decided to use our product, a permeable, strong and easy to lay base which wouldn’t take as long or cost as much to erect as a concrete base.

Dispatched the same day he ordered and arrived within 3 days, Wil’s base was packed in easy to handle boxes where he could easily move and secure them in a safe place until he was ready to lay the base. Wil also bought GeoTextile Membrane and U-Pins which allows water to flow away naturally but also stops weeds from growing through the base and under the playhouse.

6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base Start6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base Ground Prep

The Work

In the words of Wil “The preparation work is the most important”. Most of his time was spent preparing the ground for the membrane and base but it has proved time well spent. Firstly, Wil had the hard task of removing a small tree from the corner of his garden (can follow the story through the pictures attached and at the bottom of the page). Once removed, roots and all he then had to level out the remaining ground and compact it down as well as he could just as described in the installation guide. To ensure the ground was well compacted and even, Wil then proceeded to use sharp sand as a thin bedding layer and checked it was flat using a spirit level.

After, Wil then rolled out the Membrane over the bedding layer of sand and secured it using the U-Pins provided in the 6ft x 4ft Shed Base Kit. Once pinned down and secure Wil then set outlaying the Plastic Base, having existing fence posts still in place around the work area was no issue as the bases can be easily cut using a hacksaw or a similar cutting tool to fit the current landscape. When in place the base was secured using our Plastic Base Anchors which stops any movement on uneven or sloped ground. The laying of the membrane and base was by far the easiest part of the job.

Next, Wil used his locally bought 10mm angular gravel to fill and cover the base, making the base almost invisible. Decorative gravels are recommended as they fill the open structure whilst making the entire project more appealing to the eye. The base also stops any gravel migration that may occur when just gravel is laid so there will be no more sweeping or kicking of stones back into their original place!

Finally, Wil had to build the playhouse and put it in place. Once in place, he had to hold the kids back while he filled the rest of the base in using the leftover gravel.

6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base Membrane6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base Laid


Overall, Wil is incredibly pleased with how his children’s playhouse has turned out. With the easiest part being the laying of the Membrane and the base he would not hesitate to buy from us again or recommend us to family and friends for their Garden Base needs!

A huge thank you to Wil for the photos and the information he provided us for this project. It looks fantastic and we’re sure that his Children will have years of fun in the playhouse.

Should you have any questions regarding our base for your Garden Building then don’t hesitate to contact us.

6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base Close Up On Base 6ft x 4ft Plastic Playhouse Base Finished Playhouse

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