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Garden Base Summerhouse Base

14ft x 8ft Plastic Summerhouse Base Installation

Having ordered himself a new Norland Newark 3 Summerhouse from Simply Log Cabins, Lewis was in need of a suitable foundation on which to install his new garden building. Not wanting to use concrete slabs, he began searching online for an alternative base. Read on to which foundation he decided to use and how it was installed too:

Choosing A Plastic Summerhouse Base

After a little browsing, Lewis came across our website and our range of plastic garden bases. He began reading up on the many benefits that each of our plastic foundations carry such as: 

Able to withstand up to 420 tonnes per sqm
Easy to install
SuDs compliant
Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic
Weatherproof and rot resistant

Being so impressed with the benefits of our alternative plastic foundations, Lewis proceeded to order a 14ft x 8ft plastic summerhouse basewoven membrane rolls and u-pins. His order was processed, packed and dispatched the same day and delivery to his home within 3 working days.

14ft x 8ft Plastic Summerhouse Base - Sub Base Being Prepared

Installing The Plastic Base & Summerhouse

With the plastic summerhouse base delivered to his home, Lewis could begin his installation whenever he was ready before building his summerhouse. He decided to take on the entire installation the following Saturday. 

Lewis followed our installation guide and started by creating a solid and level sub-base which you can see in the image above. He achieved a great sub-base by laying a small layer of white aggregate/MoT to cover the entire area before compacting with the use of a whacker plate. On top of the sub-base he then unrolled his woven membrane to fully cover his compacted MoT before securing it in place using metal fixing pegs. 

Next, Lewis started installing his plastic summerhouse base. Starting in one corner, he laid one plastic panel at once and connected each piece together using the specially designed interlocking slot and peg system. This was repeated until all of the base was in place which did not take long at all! To complete his summerhouse base, all that was left to do was fill the foundation with gravel. We estimate that 8kg of gravel is required to fill one plastic panel (72kg to fill 1m²) so you can work out roughly how much you will need for your base.

The final part and no doubt the hardest part of the project was for Lewis to now build his summerhouse which had been delivered flat pack style on pallets. As you can see from the images in the blog, Lewis did a great job of constructing his new garden structure!


A fantastic project carried out by Lewis! His new summerhouse and base look amazing and we’re delighted he chose to share the photos and details of his installation with us to create this case study.

Lewis told us: “I’m the delighted with the outcome of my new summerhouse! The plastic base was incredibly easy to install, looks great and has proved to be just as strong and reliable as concrete so far!”

If you have photos of your installation to share with us or have any questions regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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