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10ft x 7ft Plastic Shed Base Installed Under A Wooden Shed

When it comes to laying a base over a large area like in this case study (10ft x 7ft area) it is important to remember how labour intensive that could be. Before quickly choosing your base you should first research different alternatives and see if there is a better option for yourself. Read on to see how what method the customer in this case study decided on.

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The Project

This case study comes from Robin who had recently purchased himself a brand new 10ft x 7ft Wooden Potting Shed that he was to install next to his greenhouse. However, before he could set about installing his shed he needed a suitable foundation. Robin initially thought about the common solutions (Concrete or Wooden Base) and how labour intensive this could be so decided to look for an alternative and easier solution.

This is when Robin came across our website and discovered our strong, easy to lay and fully recycled plastic base. He browsed our site and began reading up on the other benefits as well as our Customer Case Studies. Robin was so impressed with the base he ordered himself a 10ft x 7ft (70 Panels) Plastic Shed Base the same day!

Robin told us “I bought your base to avoid having to make a large concrete slab. I thought it would be an easier process with less need for hired equipment.”

10ft x 7ft Shed Base Project

The Work

Robin received his base just a few days later and was able to begin his installation right away. Robin followed our Installation Guide to ensure he gained the best results from his new shed foundation.

Robin began by measuring out where is base and shed would be installed and marked this out using sticks and string. From here, he cut the grass and dug down a few millimetres into soil. He then proceeded to install a wooden border that the base would sit flush against.

Next came what Robin described as the hardest part of job, creating the sub-base. This is a vital part of the installation as this gives the base a strong support and is permeable like our foundation so any rain or excess water can drain away naturally. Robin used type 1 hardcore and a compactor to create a flat and solid sub-base.

After, came what Robin told us was the easiest part of the project. He unpacked his base and began installing the panels from one corner. He laid one panel at a time and connected them together as he went along using the specially designed slot and peg system. Once the 10ft x 7ft base was laid, Robin filled the base with decorative gravel. Around 8kg of gravel is needed to fill each panel. This part took hardly any time.

Finally, Robin could install his new potting shed. With a half glass roof to allow sunlight in to his plants, his new shed looks great on our fully recycled plastic shed base!

Robin said “The base was very easy to work with, but the key is to have a flat sub-base to put it on – creating that took 95% of the effort. I used type 1 hardcore and a compactor to create my sub-base. Once that was done the assembly of the base and adding the gravel took less than an hour.”

10ft x 7ft Shed Base Work


Robin was and still is very pleased with his new potting shed and base. The installation was straight forward and his new shed looks amazing!

Robin told us “One big advantage of the base is that it is porous whereas concrete is not. I have had none and am expecting no issues with rot thanks to the base keeping my potting shed clear of damp. For that reason and the simple installation, I would use your base again.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Robin for the information and photos he sent in to allow us to create this case study. Should you have anything similar to this to share with us or any questions regarding our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

10ft x 7ft Shed Base Conclusion

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