A 231x198cm foundation for hot tubs and spas

There is no need to go through such a difficult and labour intensive installation by using concrete or paving slabs for a base when you can use our weather proof, no-rot, easy to install, incredibly strong and permeable hot tub bases!

  • Size: 231x198cm
  • Number Of Panels: 42 Panels
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Made From: Recycled plastic
  • Max Load: Up to 420 tonnes
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About The Plastic Hot Tub Base

Made of recycled plastic and manufactured in the UK, our eco-friendly bases are designed with an interlocking slot and peg system that makes laying the foundation incredibly easy. As the base is made from 100% recycled plastic, it is UV and weather resistant so unlike more traditional bases, ours will not rot or break down over time meaning there will be no maintenance or replacement costs in the future. Whilst being easy to lay and eco-friendly our bases are also very strong, when our base was tested by Lloyds British they confirmed out it could withstand up to 420 tonnes per square metre which is amazing. Another advantage of our base is that due to the open structure, any rain or excess water from the spa can drain away naturally which means there is less chance of stagnant water next to your hot tub or spa that could lead to external water damage.

Additional information

Weight 23.94 kg
Dimensions 2310 × 1980 × 40 mm
Base Length

231cm (7ft)

Base Width

198cm (6-7ft)

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