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Garden Base Accessories

Accessories To Help You Install Your Garden Base

We have a range of accessories, all of which complement our hot tub and shed base products, that are used to help you create an effective, strong, permeable and long lasting garden base.

What Accessories Do You Have And How Do I Use Them?

Our range of accessories work in conjunction with each other to ensure your installation is a success. We will showcase the products in the order they are usually used when installing a garden base.

The woven membrane, which is used after the ground has been prepared with a solid sub-base. Membranes are used to create a shield below your base which prevents any weeds or plants from growing up and through the base and causing both aesthetic issues and can undermine the integrity of the sub-base. It does this whilst still allowing rain and spilt water to drain away naturally from your spa to ensure the base continues to be fully permeable. It is simple to install too, simply roll out your sheet of membrane and if needed cut it to shape using a good pair of scissors before securing into the ground once the entire areas has been covered.

When installing a woven membrane, membrane staplescan be used to fix the membrane sheet into position. This can help to suppress weeds and adds a low level of stability to help keep the base panels and what is below them separate.

Also available we have base ground anchors which are not usually necessary in garden base installations. These anchors are mainly used on installs where the base panels are to be laid on to a sloped area which could result in the base moving. Made from plastic, these anti-pull anchors are easy to install by hand into soft ground or with a rubber mallet into harder ground.

If you have a hot tub or a shed without a floor, the Hot Tub Base Panel With Non-Slip Rubber Tile can be very useful. This is a normal base panel but with one non-slip rubber tile which fits perfectly into the top of a plastic panel to allow you to create a non-slip standing area or walkway around your hot tub that can be used both before and after bathing. Made from 100% recycled rubber these tiles, just like our plastic panels, are weather-resistant so will not rot over time.

If you have any questions regarding our range of garden base accessories then please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can leave us a message or live chat us to discuss your needs.