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About Sievert

Sievert is a global leading manufacturer specialising in the highest-quality heating tools designed for professionals. The company was originally founded in 1882 by Max Sievert but in 1886 formed a partnership with C.R Nyberg who had invented the first-ever blowtorch in 1882 for which he received a patent. When the partnership was formed, Sievert was given the sole right to sell the blowtorch globally.

Since 1886, Sievert has aimed to constantly develop, manufacture and supply innovative tools for any heating job including brazing, soldering and heating applications. The 130 years of experience in the industry has given them a wonderful platform on which they continue to build. The company released a statement and promise to be one step ahead of your needs, listen to your requirements and be the partner to help you succeed whenever using their products and services, today and in the future.

Sievert Warranty


Sievert Industries warrants that the Product is free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. During the applicable term of this warranty, and subject to the terms and conditions thereof, in the event that the Product is proven to be defective and the defect is not caused by any misuse or damage to the Product while in the possession of the user, Sievert Industries will remedy the failure or defect without charge to the user except for labor. The remedy will consist of repair or replacement of the Product and/or defective part, at Sievert Industries option. Repair will be made either at user’s location or at a facility designated by Sievert Industries. This warranty does not cover defects, failure or damages caused by normal wear and tear, act of God, accident, misuse or unreasonable use of the Product, lack of proper maintenance, fire, flood or any circumstances or events beyond Sievert Industries control.”

Correct at the time of writing – April 2022.